What's in the box

Whisky Cheddar

Mature Cheddar perfectly paired with the smoky, peaty notes of Scotch Whisky for a mouth-watering combination a cheese not to be missed. (200g)

Ale and Mustard

Mature Cheddar with added wholegrain mustard creating a burst of flavour, this is a wonderful crunchy and boozy combination.  A perfect accompaniment with beef or ham.


One of our home made relishes from original 20 year old receipes made in the heart of the country by Vintage Ramblers. These preserves are made in small quantities and are divine. (110g)


These are  made in the UK by a team of skilled bakers, following an original Swedish recipe. They use simple, natural ingredients including Shipton Mill organic flour, organic fresh milk and their own sourdough, which is fed daily and allowed to ferment for 16 hours before each batch is baked. Rated by experts to be some of the finest cheese biscuit you can find. (105g)


In partnership with The National Museum of the Royal Navy, we produce this bold yet smooth 57% ABV, navy strength rum. In the spirit of true maritime tradition, it’s crafted to  be reminiscent of the ‘rum tots’ issued on board HMS Victory. A fine blend of aged rum from Guyana, Trinidad and Jamaica, with oak stave from the famous flagship adding complexity and depth of character. 

Raise a toast to naval history with our HMS Victory Navy Strength Rum, a rich, deep blend of the finest aged demerara rum, refined and rested in barrels, flavoured by an original oak stave from HMS Victory herself. A bold, smooth blend that packs a punch, like the Victory herself


Bold and strong, our award-winning HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin packs a high concentration of botanicals to deliver powerful, intense flavour worthy of the world’s oldest serving warship. A confident gin with heart and a sense of history for the Gin aficionado.

The Royal Navy legislated that all ships must carry 100˚ proof (57% ABV) rum and gin on board. Gin for the officers, rum for the crew. As proof of its strength and purity, pussers would test each barrel using a rule of thumb method: a few grains of gunpowder were added to the spirits and heated using the sun’s rays, concentrated through a magnifying glass. If the powder ignited, the liquid was proof – pure, strong and likely to remain explosive in the heart of battle.


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